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Signal: Interactive Podcast Player

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Use Signal to easily discover, listen to, and interact with podcasts.

What makes Signal different from the many other podcast apps that are currently available? Here are some of the highlights...

1) Take-Action Cues
For the first time ever, you can interact with your favorite podcasts as you're listening to them with Signal's "Take-Action" cues.These in-show action items allow you to connect with the show on a deeper level by putting action items at your fingertips at the moment they are the most relevant to you.

2) QuickPlay
Ever get in your car and find yourself spending too much time trying to decide which podcast you want to listen to? Yeah, us too. With QuickPlay, listening to your favorite podcasts is as simple as opening Signal and hitting play. We'll put together a mix of the new episodes from your favorite shows so that you can get going quickly and enjoy your favorite podcasts.

3) Social Media Integration
Podcasts are the source of great stories, big ideas, and interesting conversations. Your social media feed... not so much. With Signal, you can now post your favorite podcast episodes to Facebook and start conversations that matter.

4) Curated Marketplace
There is a multitude of podcasts to choose from and finding the good ones can be a challenge. At Signal, we cut through the noise by curating a marketplace of thoughtful, well-produced, and engaging quality podcasts. Listen to podcasts from NPR, ESPN, Grantland, Radiotopia, PRX, TWiT, Relay.FM, ESN, and Gimlet. Our Marketplace has podcasts focused on a range of topics like storytelling, conservative or liberal politics, business, personal development, religion, science, art, music, language learning, technology, big ideas, history, and more. There's even a podcast for people who really love pencils (and another one about pens)! No matter your passion, we've a podcast talking about it in our Marketplace.

5) Purposeful Advertising
You want to know why advertisements are annoying? It's because they don't have a clearly defined purpose. How many times have you heard this phrase: "Click here to learn more." Learn more? You paid for 1 minute of my time and didn't cover the basics? Now you want me to take more of my time to read more of your marketing? Every ad on Signal incorporates our Take-Action functionality to give the ad a defined purpose. After listening to our ads, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with clearly defined options. It's a refreshing approach to advertising, and you'll feel the difference.

Signal represents a new vision for podcasting - one where you can interact with your favorite shows, easily find fascinating new shows to enjoy, and easily share the big ideas and amazing stories you hear with your friends. We are excited about what this app means for the industry and we can't wait for you to try it out for yourself.

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From all of us at Signal, thanks for trying out our platform. We love podcasts and want to see them and their audiences flourish. We're doing our part to make that happen and we appreciate your support in that endeavor.

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