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10-minute Yoga for Quick Weight Loss

  • Health & Fitness
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Do you want to lose weight within the shortest time?
The 10-minute yoga will surprise you!
The simple yoga will shape your figure and help you to be more charming.
The yoga by Tang Youxin combines the traditional regimen and modern scientific medical exercise; the postures combines people’s spiritual level, thus helping you to control and protect your own body. You will find a best way to adjust your body and mind.

This app is designed specifically for women to shape their perfect body and elegant temperament. Our exercise guidance can help you to cut down the annoying weight.
Practice yoga 10 minutes a day following this app, and the unexpected results will come to you! Being slim and charming is no longer a dream!

【Characteristics of the app】

Step-by-step guidance
Massive pictures
Exquisite background composing
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I have been practicing yoga following this app for a month, and I lose 5 pounds of my flesh!
--- Bin
The guidance is very specific. With this app, I have no need to take a yoga class.
--- Deluxe
Yoga is a great exercise. It can help us to be healthy and beautiful.
--- p2p

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