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Super Beardo - The Drunk Super Hero

iPhone / iPad
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Boom! Crash! Zoom! ... Fart?

Welcome to the wacky and zany world of Super Beardo - The Drunk Super Hero!

Is the world in turmoil? Is life as we know it in absolute peril? Is humankind absolutely DOOMED?

Than it might be time to call someone else! But until then, we always have Super Beardo!

You see, Super Beardo is very unusual super hero. While his intentions are absolutely noble, he is a victim of his vices. He lacks discipline and manners; he farts, burps, vomits and makes other weird noises. He loves to drink too.

But he sure is brave!

So use Super Beardo's weird and wacky super powers to crush the enemy and get to the top of the world.

Super Beardo's mission is simple: collect the fallen stolen coins to return them to their rightful owners and make his way, as high as he can, up the floating platforms of Tipsy Park.

Super Beardo's enemies are not the regular super hero enemies that you would expect. Being drunk all the time, he crashes into rocks, trees, bushes and trash containers. He needs to avoid his enemies or crush them using his super powers.

-----SUPER POWERS-----
Super Beardo has five different and original super powers:

FART-A-PULT - Super Beardo will find and eat cans of beans to harness his magical fart power. His farts quickly propel him to new heights! He sure loves those beans!

BEER POWER – Super Beardo will drink beer and scream inaudible obscenities on his way up. If you shout loudly into the microphone while he drinks, you will motivate Super Beardo and he will fly even faster!

MAGNETIC FIELD – Super Beardo will utilize his special magnetic field to attract the stolen coins. Super Beardo has some magic tricks up his drunken sleeves as well.

FILTH BALOON – Super Beardo will muster a filth bubble around him which protects him from his enemies. He doesn’t really care for hygiene, so his stink will melt the enemies.

KICK IN THE BUTT – Super Beardo is really lazy so he loves a good kick in the butt to set him in gear. By giving Super Beardo a good and swift one, you will keep him honest and on the right path to a high score in his challenge.


->Super Beardo's Exciting "Tilt Control" provides dynamic and fluid game mechanics.
->Super Beardo's Amazing "Multiplayer Functionality" allows users to play with their friends, invite them on Facebook for tournaments, or play with fans from around the world.
->Super Beardo's Great "In-App Upgrades" – allows users to purchase unique upgrades to strengthen Super Beardo’s super powers and reach higher scores.
->Super Beardo's Extremely "Fun Gameplay" starring a funny character that will delight players.
->Super Beardo's Very "Challenging Obstacles" that ensure Super Beardo will be a fun challenge for players all around the world.

-----FREE TO PLAY-----