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ppinng!HDR: Wink of brilliance

"HDR?..High dynamic range photography? Why do I need it?"

Try clicking at bright outdoors with interesting people in the shadows. Auto-exposure tends to decrease exposure, dimming your subjects further. And try clicking in a dark room with a small window having a bird perched outside. The exposure is increased to clarify the indoors, saturating the bird out? This is where ppinng!HDR can help.

A single click in ppinng!HDR triggers capture of multiple images of varying exposures and the high dynamic range algorithm composes the pixels that matter from each of these into a single HDR image.
The human eyes are sensitive across a higher dynamic range of intensities and can adjust with the dim as well as bright light, to give a better view; but cameras (despite Auto Exposure!) can’t. This is because auto exposure adjusts the exposure to bring most pixels of the image close to normal intensity; wiping out details from small, albeit interesting regions illuminated differently from the majority. Our eye has an intensity dynamic range of 10,000:1 whereas the best of cameras are restricted to a max of 1500:1!.

ppinng!HDR empowers your mobile camera with high dynamic range through intelligent techniques.

Note: This will work best on iPhone5 and above.


- You don't have to be statue-steady while clicking, adjustment for minor hand shake is done.
- Motion of objects and unrelated people in the scene is no longer a cause for worry, the deghosting algorithm intelligently takes care of this!
- All the differently exposed images can be saved if you wish to.
- Switch on/off HDR mode as per your wish
- Choose your camera source
- Choose quality of your image.

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