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Robot Blitz - Factory Escape

iPhone / iPad
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Robot Blitz is a Pac-Man inspired arcade game where players control Roboto-5000, a scrap collection robot which is being held captive in a steel factory. To survive, and escape, the robot is forced to collect and recycle scrap (in the form of nuts) that are found amongst the various environments of Robotomo Bay.

Players need to break out from their cell and outsmart enemy jail robot guards. By using environmental hazards to their benefit such as laser fences and fire exhausts, players can win valuable time to collect more nuts and eventually reach the level’s exit. Luring enemies into these traps can prove tricky though.

Luckily the player’s Robot can use power-ups that will make life easier. Cloak pickups make it temporarily invisible, while collecting batteries will disable nearby foes. Speed pads can be used to outrun robot guards and picking up shields will make the Roboto-5000 more robust. By playing strategically, players can get the maximum results from these power-up items.

Robot Blitz features 9 frantic arcade levels that are set in three different, colourful locations. Only the most determent players will reach the highly challenging Survival Mode. In this mode more and more enemies will spawn depending on the amount of bolts the Roboto-5000 has eaten.

Key Features

+ Old school arcade gameplay inspired by Pac-Man

+ A frantic arcade mode consisting of 9 challenging levels

+ Beat the game to unlock Survival Mode

+ Handy tutorial levels

+ Beautifully rendered crisp HD graphics