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ListStuffFast – Home Inventory; Twenty Minutes to Peace of Mind

iPhone / iPad
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ListStuffFast – The home inventory app designed so that you will actually get your assets documented. Why? Because you can complete the challenge of photo-documenting your home, usually in twenty minutes. Being asked to evacuate for fire or hurricane? Download the app and see if you don’t get it done in less than fifteen minutes. More than one home is no problem; add your beach house, or Mom’s house as a separate property. Covers a variety of home inventory rapid listing needs from insurance to probate, and in addition allows assigning heirs or ownership for divisions of assets, estate planning, or “donate or sell” for moves and downsizing. 

Summary of capabilities:
1/ Allows Multiple Properties / Homes
2/ Room by Room drop down menu or add your own names
3/ Categories drop down menu and allow you to add your own names
4/ Photograph within the app, or load from iOS albums, or combine
5/ App photos stored in a separate Album folder, so saved to iCloud or wherever you save your iOS photos
6/ Color-Dot numerical item tagging and tracking of items within photos
7/ Item name, item details, category, room location, value fields for each item tagged
8/ Estate planning with Heir Designation, Sell or Donate and reports that can be sent to each heir
9/ Divorce asset listing and assign ownership fields for each party
10/ Divide estates by assigning and tracking, by Heir, for items and estimated values
11/ Full reporting with many options for organizing and sorting, exportable as pdfs
12/ Annual reminder to review and update to keep current
13/ No need of an internet connection once the app is downloaded

Designed to be so easy and fast to use, that it actually “will be used” rather than just downloaded with good intentions.  Rapidly record, organize and prepare a home’s contents for detailed listing through photos, organized by room, for when or IF the full item list needs to be completed.  The different approach lies in our item tagging within photos, which allows one photo to be used for many items - not a separate photo of each item needed. If item by item listing is needed at some point for reports, easily tag, speak or type the item name, scroll for category, add value, etc. For insurance purposes, you can even add all of the info requested in the details area as you go if you prefer including: make, model number, serial number, original purchase price, condition, etc. But, don’t let that overwhelm you because you don’t have to do it for peace of mind. Remember the chances of losing your home to a disaster are so slim, why not just prepare for IF you ever need to create the item by item list. Photograph or attach the documents in ListStuffFast and organize by rooms instead for peace of mind, adding only what you would need to remember or to find it later. Keep those updated year after year, and we will remind you.

For most home listing needs, from probate in an estate, to creating an asset list for divorce, or documenting for a move etc., the level of detail one needs is much less than implied by most home inventory software and apps. Most insurance companies need a comprehensive list and estimated values to process your claim, with more detail only on the big ticket items (check with your own home owner’s or renter’s insurance to verify their specific requirements, not preferences). The claim form wording is typically “if possible” regarding providing specific details that include item numbers, serial numbers, dates purchased, etc. Being able to easily and completely itemize from your ListStuffFast photo inventory, supported with room by room photos puts you well ahead of most claimants. With ListStuffFast, fifteen minutes to peace of mind is time well spent.