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Blue Planet in danger

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On a changing planet, influenced by human activity, a traveller is looking for his way. In the midst of his adventures, he is alternatively active and contemplating, faced with the consequences of climate change.
The game is divided in 7 universes: each universe covers a specific theme in relation to global warming (role of CO2, pollution, rise of temperature, waste management, deforestation and solutions such as the Kyoto protocol and the EU action) and comprises various tests. Through the interactive screens, the player will become familiar with these subjects and challenges. He will also be encouraged to reflect upon the dangers of climate change and the possible measures that can be taken in order to save the planet.
To enable the traveller to safely complete his trip, the player needs to resolve certain riddles and manipulate elements in the virtual scenery, using all possible interactions on the tablet (multitouch, accelerometer, …).
The indications provided to solve each trial also contain information on climate change, which will unconsciously be absorbed by the player.
Finally, the traveller will be able to collect golden leaves, hidden in the scenery. Collecting the leaves or not doesn't prevent the player from passing through and completing the universe, but the collection counts as a bonus.