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FPV Booster for Vision

iPhone / iPad
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FPV Booster improves Wi-Fi video connection (FPV, First Personal View) performance for DJI Phantom 2 Vision (non-Plus). It boosts additional 30%-100% FPV range and stabilizes video with higher Preview Quality by a single click. You may experience better FPV performance gain if your normal FPV range is poor (such as below 200m with 640x480 15fps), while you may not see significant improvement if your normal FPV range is good (such as more than 300m with 640x480 15fps).

Please read FAQ below carefully prior purchase.

How it works:
1. Turn on both Phantom 2 Vision aircraft and RE500 range extender, and connect your iOS device to Wi-Fi network as usual.
2. Open FPV Booster app, tap BOOST button. The app connects to Vision aircraft and RE500 range extender through the Wi-Fi network, then it boosts FPV range by applying Wi-Fi tweaks. It will then display a message "Your FPV is boosted. Happy flying!"
3. Open DJI VISION app to prepare takeoff.

Note: Every time when you power cycle Vision aircraft or range extender, you need to run FPV Booster app to take effect.

WARNING: FPV Booster is ONLY compatible with DJI Phantom 2 Vision (P2V) and RE500 range extender. Running the app on other incompatible platforms (including Phantom 2 Vision+ or RE700 range extender) may encounter unexpected results. It does NOT support mixed P2V and RE700 configuration.

Q1. Does FPV Booster increase Wi-Fi power of Vision aircraft or RE500 range extender?
A1. NO. FPV Booster uses various Wifi tweaks applying on Vision aircraft and RE500 range extender WITHOUT increasing Wi-Fi power.

Q2. How to test it working?
A2. Fly your Vision WITHOUT turning on the booster (as a reference) to your favorite flight path until Wi-Fi video dropped. Fly back your Vision and run the FPV Booster app, then fly again the same flight path with the same Preview Quality for apple-to-apple comparison. You may need to fly higher altitude for longer range in order to maintain line-of-sight. It may fly out of your 5.8G control range and trigger RTH.

Q3. What should I do if I could not achieve expected FPV result?
A3. You may email us with the following information for troubleshooting.
- What platform (iOS/Android) and version (indicated at upper right hand corner) of FPV Booster are you using?
- What is the FPV range, Altitude and Preview Quality BEFORE boosted when you think reaching the limit? If the FPV range (before boosted) is significantly shorter than DJI's specification, it might be hardware/software issues of DJI products. FPV Booster is unable to address the hardware/software issues.
- What is the FPV range, Altitude and Preview Quality AFTER boosted when you think reaching the limit?
- What message do you see on DJI VISION app, such as “Phantom Connection Broken” or “Control Signal Lost”?
- Do you fly behind trees, buildings or any obstacle? Are you able to maintain line-of-sight between you and your aircraft?