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MarketMatrix: US Stock Market, ETFs, and Mutual Funds Edition

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MarketMatrix is an intraday trading assistant for the US equities market. Get quotes and visualizations of the US stock market that help you make smart trading decisions, manage risk, and keep you informed.

With MarketMatrix, you can:

* Track stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds
* Build custom portfolios and groupings of assets to make custom heat maps
* Create your own baskets of stocks to represent a sector
* Get voice alerts for economic event releases that have dramatic impact on asset prices
* Get quick chart snapshots to see the price action of any stock in your basket
* Identify the news that causes a stock to diverge from its peers

MarketMatrix makes it easy to quickly identify problem assets (or opportunities!) intraday, assess possibilities for statistical arbitrage, and build intuition about the effect of news and cross-asset relationships.

With an elegant large-tile touch interface and smooth graphical transitions, MarketMatrix makes your iPad a window into the mechanics of the market. Best of all? It's completely free and designed for both investors and traders.

MarketMatrix was designed and optimized for the iPad Air.