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Behavior Buddy

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Behavior Buddy is a self-management system and picture-activity schedule combined into one completely customizable program that can be adapted to a variety of skills (social, vocational, academic, etc.). It is based on Evidence-Based Practice for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

1. Self-management system
• Input a list of expected behaviors for the individual to monitor.
• As each task or expectation becomes fulfilled, the individual taps it to check it off.
• Watch the bar on the left fill up to indicate progress!

2. Picture Activity Schedule
• Task analyze a process and write the steps into a list.
• Take pictures of each step of the task to accompany the list.

3. Customizable
• Input a set of expectations in your own words
• Pictures taken on the iPad can be used as visuals
• Choose the number of expected behaviors required

4. Individualization
• Save individualized interventions for different participants
• Options for choice-making can be included
• This can be used to facilitate the accomplishment of IEP goals

This app was developed by Caleb Gomer for a study that was conducted by faculty and students from the Psychology Department at GVSU®. The iPad was used as a self-management tool for social initiations.

The color picker used in this app was created by Karthik Abram, Copyright © 2012 Neovera Inc.