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Relax With James Owen Mathews

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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“Relax is a flow of love and embrace – very soothing to the soul.”
Marie Helene
Art Curator

“Relax gently leads you into the silence of the heart….a great way to disconnect from life’s constant tensions”
Yoga Instructor

“James' soothing voice with beautiful, melodic piano music in background is very relaxing and calming. I have used it often myself and recommend it to patients to balance their daily lives.”
Natalie F.

“Relax with James Owen Mathews” is designed to help you relax and reduce stress in your job on a daily basis. The app is based on the premise that taking short breaks during the course of the workday improves one’s performance and quality of your life at work.

The app is easy to use and gives you the choice of three short meditations (five, ten or fifteen minutes) that enable you to step back from your responsibilities and give yourself the gift of quiet, soothing music and a guided, spoken meditation to help relax the mind. You can adjust the relative volume levels of the music and voice and even choose to listen to just the music or voice.

Visualization (5 minutes) combines music and a guided visualization to help you get in touch with your breathing and imagine a special place in your life as a means to slow down your mental activity.

Body Relaxation (10 minutes) combines music with a guided relaxation exercise that focuses on key stress areas of the body and results in a release of the tightness and stress throughout the body.

Helping Others (15 minutes) is a journey in focusing your attention on helping people in your life, recognizing that the more we reach out and give to others, the more stress free, richer and fulfilling our lives will be.

50% of all profits from this app go to support initiatives that improve the education and health of people around the world.