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Specializing in the printer industry like, SHOWROOM is open for negotiation presentation app.
The concept efficiency of decision-making, to enhance the presentation, it is equipped with PDF viewer, installation simulation, the function screen capture function.
By using a copy machine 3D content that has been pre-installed, make sure the AR image that was placed in the floor or house actually, please experience.

Presentation mode
Store turned into PDF presentation data. It is possible to View Slideshow.

Real mode
Stores 3D image of the actual registered. You can check the installation image on the screen in the actual office that was passed through the camera.

Measurement mode
Mode, in which you can measure the width and depth and further from the actual 3D installation image that you have registered. Scale occurs and bottom fuselage was semi-transparent.

Setup screen
Change the graphics of their own image of the TOP screen, such as password management and ID.

Shared mode
You can save to the camera roll the captured image captured.

SHOWROOM BIZ (their content display service)
The hotel offers a service that can be equipped with a 3D content of its own, only its managed / view any ID and password. Your contract requires a separate production of content, introduction, in regard ID issuance.
Please contact us SHOWROOM responsible.

* Network connection is required for the first data synchronization.
* This app is a display specification enclosure facing the side, only the top surface of the camera.