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This is an arched layout keyboard app based on ergonomics.
I've particularly designed for a smooth movement of the finger for iPhone6 & iPhone6Plus the screen size has become large.

It provides normal layout and left & right layout.
Please swipe to the right on space key.
You can easily change the layouts.

In the portrait,
It is easy to operate with one hand.
Particularly, Arch layout was placed each keys & conversion candidates in a range that can reach thumb.

In the landscape,
It was disposed so as to be able to enter with one hand the keys and select the conversion candidate with other hand.
So, you can type smoothly even accustomed to portrait keyboard layout.
It contribute to when you writing a long sentences on e-mail.

It would be easy to use even more when using the flick and swipe functions.
Please press and hold the "123" ("ABC") key.
You can be made to function the flick and swipe.
Of course, you can also be both functions the flick and swipe.

In addition, you can register 6 Custom Phrase.
You can enter smoothly by to be registered to phrase that you use frequently (for example, e-mail address, salutation, etc.).
Note : Please allow the full access.

About the predictive conversion
This keyboard has been designed for the English basically,
But It corresponds to the language that you selected in the Settings>Language & Region.
Sorry, It will support only the language of Western bloc now.

Please using the tutorial for detailed usage.
Please use it by all means.

First, you may not accustomed with the layout of arched.
Thumb move to an arc at the base, and the fulcrum of the wrist when using the index finger.
I think, you can get used to input smooth.

Get the hang of input
Conversion candidates will pop, you do not need to enter all the characters.
Look for the candidate in the middle even swipe, you may be increased forward by tapping More candidate if downward.