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Mind State Changing Sound Generator

iPhone / iPad
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Wouldn't it be great to be able to change to your optimum state in a few minutes?

Here you can create a library with your custom made mind states that you can listen to when you need it. When you have created a state you think would benefit your friends, you can share it to them so they can join you in the state of mind you have created!

How does it work?

We know that sound and images can alter state. This app uses binaural-beat encoded sound to take the mind to well known states which is defined by the frequency that is encoded into the sound. All the frequencies that will take you to Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta are described in detail in the app. There are different benefits and effects in each frequency when the brain is synchronised to it. Now you can create your own encoding with precision by just drawing the waveform on screen. Then you mix the different sounds to get the exact state changing sound that is perfect just for you.

The image that you associate to the state can make the effect much more effective. You can choose an image that you give the meaning or where you already have a memory that takes you back to your desired mind state. To further enhance the effect, a state altering effect can be added to the image. You decide exactly how much and what kind of effect you want to add by using a mixer similar to what you used on the sound you created.

Each state has a description so you know exactly what state it will elicit in you before you start it. During the playback there will be a graph showing exactly what binaural frequency that is played back at the moment as a visual cue where you are in the state transition.

Please, share your states you have created! Make this a better alternative to change people states!