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How’s your life? Are you living the way you want? Are you shackled by personal debt? Do you feel like a prisoner in a go nowhere job? Do you want things that you just can’t afford, like a new car or home or boat? Do you crave a lasting, loving relationship? Do you have unfulfilled passions? Do you know what you want your life to be?

Do you truly understand who you are and all that you can achieve?

With VIM, you can be precisely the person you long to be. You can do anything you desire. And, you can have everything you want in your life. There is no secret. There is no mystery. All it takes is discipline, focus and training to harness the powers you have available to you to achieve anything, and everything, you can dream.

More than just the next step in the evolution of personal development, VIM is the cutting edge of a brand new personal transformation technology. Traditionally, this sort of training is delivered via self-help books, a few hours of motivational audio or video or by presenters at a crowded conference. Using our app or online portal, VIM members receive individualized personal development education every day – 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

All VIM exercises are loaded with proven, custom education topics and lifestyle coaching designed to help you achieve your loftiest goals and live the life you’ve always wanted. Each day’s training includes video and/or audio components, a fully interactive assignment and a way to measure results – the VimBoard, our customizable visual goal setting system.

VIM is available for four levels of personal development:
VIM Essential Challenge: A free one-week boot camp crammed with transforming personal improvement training.
VIM Evolve: An ongoing self-awareness course including a unique goal-setting component.
VIM Effect: Our lifetime personal effectiveness course with a targeted goal-achievement focus.
VIM Elite: VIM’s top-of-the-line leadership development course emphasizing advanced leadership skills, goal setting and achievement.

In addition to training, your VIM membership includes:
VimJournal, an unlimited online/app personal journaling system
VimMingle, our app-based exclusive member location and messaging system
VimRadio, offering periodic streaming of live and recorded personal development programming
VimBlogs, VimNews and other VIM Community features, live events and online activities

Join the VIM community, today. Transform yourself and help people you know improve their lives. After all, you do deserve all the health, prosperity, love and happiness you desire. Don’t you?