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Athos is developing a new class of products to help every athlete reach their optimal level of fitness. We offer performance apparel measuring quality and intensity of movement to deliver a tailored coaching experience based on individual goals and performance.

Named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2015 and one of Gear Patrol’s 100 Greatest Products on Earth, Athos is revolutionizing performance technology.


The Athos app provides robust, actionable feedback throughout your workout, including:

- Effort: How hard are your muscles working?
- Balance: How balanced are your movements, left-to-right?
- Form: Are you engaging the correct muscles?
- Heart Rate: See your current heart rate, average heart rate, peak heart rate.
- Active Time vs. Rest Time: How efficient were you during your workout?
...and more.


Athos utilizes surface EMG (electromyography) technology, which has been used in labs and sports performance institutes for years. EMG provides an “under the hood” view of how your muscles are working in real-time and gives you insight into the inner-workings of your body.

Athos can use Apple Health data for seamless account creation. When given permission, the app can use existing Health information to create an Athos profile.


Access a library of expertly-crafted workouts: select from full-body or muscle-specific programs to customize your training plan. We’ll guide you through each exercise and display your performance metrics after each set. Prefer to do your own thing? No problem- choose ‘Free Form’ and get after it


Instantly review your performance metrics: gain insights into muscle effort, balance and form for each set.


Review and replay your set in detail and visually see how your muscles were engaged.


See your muscle activation in real-time: the Live View shows you which muscles are firing and how hard they’re working during each set.


Evaluate your total workout performance: review and compare sets, evaluate your muscle activation and analyze key workout biometrics.


- Fast Company. One of the “Most Innovative Companies of 2015”
- Gear Patrol. “One of the 100 greatest products on Earth.”
- CBS Innovation Nation. “Totally altered the way I worked out.”
- Popular Mechanics. “Wearing the shorts is like having a personal trainer with X-ray vision.”
- Refinery 29. “We haven’t seen anything really, truly ground-breaking for a long while. That is, until . . . I had a chance to try Athos.”
- Buzzfeed. An app “that can make your life so much better.”

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