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Even More Than Home Design

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In this issue we started from the home and we gradually moved away from it, though we still focused our attention on design, the heart of the projects we will present.
First an ex garage turned into a flat, then a tree turned into a house, or rather a tree house.
We then turned to public spaces, where interior design and furniture are always in the limelight, though in a different way. In these areas there is no contact with things like there is at home (apologies for the pun), but our relationship with them is always filtered by the presence of other people.
Also a project for a public space is created based on this: there will be a number of people communicating and speaking, it is not a solitary place. This was not the case of the garage turned into a flat. It is the case for the new Man Tong Kitchen in Melbourne or the Logic Club in Florence, where, being a club, space is not at all designed for solitude.
Special attention should be placed on Casa Menotti, which being a house was turned into a museum with an interior design and lighting project that highlights both aspects.