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01Halloween witches of maths – algebra, geometry and funy games

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Witches of maths is an educational app for children ages 6-9 to practice doing maths.
The app contains five mini games, which help improve algebra skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication up to 50) and shape recognition as well as training memory and agility in a playful way.
1. Algebra – calculating with numbers from 1-50 and multiplication
This game is all about chasing witches on a broom and trying to catch the one with the right answer to the arithmetic problem set.
With eight different levels you can playfully improve maths skills. Each level contains five arithmetic problems to solve and with each level they will get more difficult.
You can earn a lollipop for each answer that is correct.

2. Geometry – recognition of geometrical shapes
In this game you have to find and count the geometrical shape(s) shown on a wooden board.
Pumpkins flew up a monster tree and took lots of geometrical shapes with them. Can you find the right shapes and amount we are looking for?
Again you get rewarded with sweets for each correct answer.

3. Trick or Treat – Reward area
As a reward for doing such a great job on practicing maths we added a little game for you where you can unlock level by level and one level for each 10 sweets you earned. Trick or Treat is a fun game of skill where you have to catch dropping sweets with your pot. But be careful and watch out for the pumpkins. We don´t like pumpkins in our pot!

4. Memory – training the memory
With this classical Memory game you can joyfully train your memory and improve concentration skills. Find all the pairs of cards on a deck of six, eight or 10 pairs to choose from.

5. Haunted game – game of skill with lots of fun
Here you have to maneuver ghosts around huge candy canes and catch as many lollipops as possible as they give you extra points!
- Five games in one
- Improving algebra and geometry skills while having fun
- Age-appropriate learning
- Various levels in each game
- Handcrafted graphics and lovingly designed effects
- 100% safe for kids: no external links, no data tracking, no third party ads