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GApp is the new language of communication between the generations. It is communication through the photo messages. The language fits every grandchild, and is understandable for every grandparent.

In today's world when children often live far from their parents, communication becomes complicated. Grown children have nothing to talk about with their parents; grandparents and grandchildren are becoming strangers. We want to fill this Gap between the generations, and for this we have made GApp.

GApp consists of two parts: the first is the application for children's or grandchildren's phone, the second part is the application for grandparents' phone. This app will turn any grandma's tablet to the window of her grandkids' life; it is a device for viewing the photos they sent her. For those who do not have a tablet, we are developing a version for Windows, and all the photos can be displayed on the computer.


For grandchildren:

Download the App to your phone. At the first start select "Grandchild", application asks you to enter the code of your recipient (how to get the code, see the following paragraph).

Now you have a choice of three options – to take a picture and send, to send from the gallery, or to entrust the choice of photos to occasion (application chooses a random picture from your gallery, and asks whether you want to send it).

If you want – caption the picture, how about "Grandma, you are the best, I love you!!!" Click the "Send" button - now your photo is sent to your family device. By the way, you can show off you photos to the Facebook world, just by clicking FB button.

Since GApp is communication language, not a photo album, then to your grandparents will be displayed only the last one pic. If you send a new picture - it replaces the old one, but if you do not send - the old one reduces in size and three days later disappears from the grandparents' screen, just like old memories are disappearing.

So do not forget your beloved ones, send them a new photo of your life at least once a day.

For grandparents:

Download our application (or ask your friends to help). The App can be used on iPads, iPhones and other devices (see At the first start select "Grandparent".

In the upper right corner on the top panel there is a button with three dots - here you can view your code or send it by e-mail to your family (code is your address; please remember to tell it to your family, otherwise they will not be able to send you the pictures).

Now your children and grandchildren can send you the photos - but only the last photo of each of the children and grandchildren will be displayed. Whenever one of your relatives sends you a new photo - it replaces the old one, but if you do not send - the old one is reducing in size and in three days disappears from the screen. Photos from all members of your family will be scrolled on your screen.

If you wish you can scroll them by swiping the screen – quick way to show any photo to someone else and not to wait until the program "reaches" it by itself (reminding again: that only recent photographs of each relative are scrolled). Finally, we recommend you always to keep your Tablet connected to its battery charging otherwise it can quickly run out and you will not see the latest photos.