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Dotrix - Guard against photo leak! Encrypt your private photos!

iPhone / iPad
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  • Photo & Video
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Defend your private photos against photo leak!

Dotrix transforms your private photos into a dot-matrix image. Nobody can see the original photo image without the password you set. Encrypt your private photos and guard against photo leak! Protect your privacy!

It's free!



● Dotrix is a photo encryption app.
● It can encrypt photos and GIF animation files as well.
● It can encrypt multiple photos at once.

【Use cases】

● When you transfer photos to others. (You must encrypt photos before transfer them. Because a server usually stores photos in their server for a long time.)
● When you want to store your private photos securely.
● When you want to store erotic photos securely taken with your girlfriend.
● When you want to store a photo of very important document securely.

【Security Features】

● Dotrix uses a number of encryption algorithms adopted by U.S. NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology)
● To improve security level, it picks up an encryption algorithm randomly.
● To improve security level, it doesn't store any password-related information to an encrypted photo. So hackers cannot guess the password from the encrypted photo.

【Other Features】

● Metadata of a original photo is perfectly preserved.
● Dotrix can encrypt photos and GIF animations as well.
● It is a universal app that supports iPhone, iPod and iPad.
● It supports URL Scheme. (Dotrix://)


● Do not change the resolution or quality of encrypted photos. Such modification could damage the encrypted data.
● Do not change the resolution or quality of encrypted photos. when you transfer encrypted photos via Messenger App as well.
● We recommend you to use a long and complex password to improve security level. (Example: vKf194#n$0vA&q)