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Learn Amharic with Audio

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Amharic is the official language in Ethiopia. It is a semitic language and is written with a unique alphabet used only in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
In this app you can see many common words used in the Amharic language. The words are written in English first and also in amharic using the latin alphabet as well as the Ethiopian alphabet for those that can read it and a picture is seen that shows what one is looking at, so knowing English is not an absolute necessity.
The common word categories that have been included are the following:
•Food and drinks
•Habitation and furniture as well as household appliances
•Body organs and parts
•Family relationships
Many of the nouns that are used in every day language are found here.
When one clicks a page a sound automatically runs so that one can hear what one is looking at. One can hear the sound again by clicking on the sound icon seen on the page. The creator of this app hopes that it will be a useful tool to teach children and adults some of the common words in the Amharic language.