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iGoTerra Trips

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iGoTerra Trips is a checklist app provided by iGoTerra - it is part of an integrated tool designed for tour operators and dedicated naturalists to plan and administrate eco-excursions. The tool handles customized checklists (birds, mammals, reptiles, etc) for any country in the world and is designed to take down notes off-line in the daily log reviews. When web access is available, an upload to the iGoTerra website automatically generates the annotated checklist for the trip.

Trips is a powerful driver for company efficiency and increased client value for large and small tour operators alike. Immediately results in less administrative time spent by tour leaders and significantly improves checklist and trip report quality. Tour participants will benefit from up-to-date personalized checklists and can copy observations to their personal account.

Benefits for tour operators:

- All described bird species (+10 600 species) and subspecies (with IUCN codes)

- Choice of using latest version of IOC or Clements as reference list for birds

- IUCN for mammals and Catalogue of Life for other species groups

- Checklists available for all countries

- Optional inclusion of subspecies, vagrants and Field guide reference

- Own customization of checklists – what to include and what information to add (hitrate, own codes, etc)

- Species notes information – endemic taxa but can possibility to include own comments

- Customized checklist design (including logos) for the daily log as well as the annotated trip checklist

- Statistics real-time – species during day and accumulative + listing of only heard species

Benefits for tour participants:

- Before and during the trip, personalized checklists fully aligned with master checklist of tour leader: includes e.g. markers for country and world ticks, choice of language for species and Field Guide reference

- After the trip, a copy function transfers all observations (geo-coded) to personal account for edit

- All ranking lists are automatically updated

- For full demonstration of individual client benefits, please visit the iGoTerra website