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Kids Tangram Game Train

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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Step onto the Kids Tangram Game Train and take a trip with us!
Wow, you’ve got one lucky child! You’ve just selected a unique game your kids absolutely love to play, a game that makes them happy and excited, a game that makes them laugh, even laugh so much it hurts. And it’s a teaching game. Naturally, this is done in a playful manner since, after all, kids spend the entire day learning. The Kids Tangram Game Train is influenced by an ancient Chinese game. There are multiple geometric pieces which must be arranged to make the final image. Recognition and analysing of shapes play a large part in solving the puzzles. The game contains 20 fun levels, with an exciting reward after completing each level. The game challenge, stimulate creativity and teach. Everyone loves this game, boys and girls alike. More importantly, this game lets your child be a child.

Happy child, happy parent
All right. You now know how happy your child will be with this game. But you’re also doing yourself a favour. That’s because the Kids Tangram Game Train has everything you’d want in a game. No violence, no discrimination, no misleading advertising and no pressure to buy.
All those things that are important to you and that you want to pass on to your child.
But not just yet, because now it’s playtime!
Your child can be a child
Our philosophy? True value is created when there’s room for everyone. So our goal is to give kids the possibility to be a kid, to play and to develop (in shops, restaurants, at home, on holiday, wherever).
A game tool for the ultimate voyage of discovery
We, the makers of this game, have been developing educational toys for more than 15 years. We wanted to develop a new kind of toy for today’s kids. And applied our creativity, knowledge and experience to achieve that. We looked at the world through a child’s eyes. What do kids like? What makes them happy? What helps your child develop and grow?
And we succeeded. We’ve developed a game tool for today’s kids, a tool that understands what it means to be a child, to develop in the best way for that child and at his or her own pace. And a tool that brings kids joy on their voyage of discovery through life.
The result? The Kids Tangram Game Train. A fun and instructive game that stimulates your child’s development on various levels. And that can be played anywhere, anytime.
Your child’s development
Naturally, you want your child to develop his or her cognitive and social skills. To let your child be a child for as long as possible, this should happen in a relaxing and playful way. The Kids Tangram Game Train gives you a helping hand. There is lots to discover and to do. And to learn - if your child makes a mistake, he or she gets to try again.
Lots of variation keeps the game challenging.. The rich colours stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity.
It goes without saying that we take age into account. This means that the games do not last too long due to decreasing concentration levels and are varied enough to remain fun. Even young children can play them independent. On top of that are they extremely user-friendly.
Step onto the Kids Tangram Game Train and go on an adventure!