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OkMap Mobile Lite, a free off road GPS navigator for your outdoor activities

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Navigation
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OkMap Mobile Lite is the limited version of OkMap Mobile an offroad GPS navigator for your outdoor activities.
Draw your path on the map! A compass will show you the direction to follow along the path.
OkMap Mobile is easy to use and its capabilities are similar to those of the best known handhelds GPS.
It's specially designed for those who make outdoor activities such as search and rescue, trekking, mountain bike, off road, boating, flying, hunting and fishing, finding mushrooms, geocaching, soft air and many others.
OkMap works with different online maps.
Moreover OkMap works with GPX files, the standard format to store waypoints, tracks and routes.
These files (GPX) can be copied from and to your PC through Apple iTunes or iCloud.
You can record your track while walking on a path and follow a track previously recorded or copied from your PC.
All waypoints, tracks and routes are shown on the map; recording track is drawn in real time.
OkMap records tracks in standby also.
The augmented reality feature lets you view your waypoints in the photographic camera overlapped to the panorama.
You can create waypoints on the map and create tracks using autorouting functions.
You can also produce different types of statistics and graphs on your tracks.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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In Lite version the following features aren’t available:
- Managing of custom maps in KMZ format
- Adding of TMS/WMS custom maps
- Recording of tracks and sending the position to a remote server
- Managing of STRM altimetric data
- Augmented reality feature is limited to 5 waypoints
- Managing of Cloud

- Online map from various TMS and WMS web servers (Apple, OpenStreetMap, Nokia, ESRI, ecc...)
- Tiles caching
- From 0 to 4 customizable navigation and status indicators (among about 60)
- Coordinates in different datum and in UTM, GeoRef, USNG, BNG, IG format
- Mode: 3D map, follow user, distance computing
- Find: waypoint, track, route, address, coordinates, geocaches
- Zoom on: GPX data, copied coordinates
- Reverse geocoding
- Create tracks with autorouting
- Create and modify waypoints, tracks and routes on the map

- Start, pause and stop recording of current track
- Save waypoint in current position (with photo also)
- Go to a waypoint and navigation along a track or route
- Trip computer with about 60 navigation and status indicators
- Reset and send values via email
- Proximity waypoint feature
- Anchor alarm
- Send position to OkMap remote server

- 4 customizable navigation and status indicators (among about 60)
- Coordinates in different datum and in UTM format
- Graphic compass with north and target direction
- True or magnetic compass
- Vocal syntethizer when you are pointing your device

Augmented reality
- Augmented reality to show your waypoints
- Manual aligment of waypoints dragging on the screen
- Set the view ray (minimum and maximum)
- Take high resolution pictures with superimposed information
- Waypoints search feature

- List of waypoints
- Modify and delete functions
- Sort and filters features
- Waypoint details

- List of tracks and track points
- Modify and delete functions
- Sort and filters features
- Track details
- Track graphs
- Track statistics
- Invert track
- Estimate travel time feature

- List of routes and route waypoints
- Modify and delete functions
- Sort and filters features
- Route details
- Invert route

- List GPX files
- Send GPX files by email
- Download and upload your GPX file from/to iCloud drive
- Archive current GPX file
- Send my position via email
- Customizable preferences
- Delete cache and restore factory settings
- Information and links