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3D BodyMaster

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Train the imaginative power of your child with '3D BodyMaster'!

'3D BodyMaster': an educational app for the iPhone and iPad, designed by parents for parents, helps your child to concentrate on colors, structures and three dimensional constructions. In a simple but effective way '3D BodyMaster' activates your child's capacity to think in three dimensions, locate different colors.

'3D BodyMaster' generates random constructions of different geometrical 3D objects. Additionally, it generates up to 9 different top views of the 3D object, where only one of those is the correct top view (free edition limited to 3 top views). Your child has to find the correct top view of the displayed 3D construction.

Beginning with pyramid constructions, '3D BodyMaster' can be played by children with an age of 5+, depending on the individual development. More challenging objects (available after uprading the free edition), are perfect brain jogging for older children with a more developed capacity to think and see in three dimensions.

The free edition of '3D BodyMaster' is limited to 3 possible solutions and to the pyramid 3D object. To get access to 9 possible solutions and to two additional 3D objects, '3D BodyMaster' can be upgraded through the iTunes In-App store.

This app is also suitable for people who 'suffer' from the Asperger Syndrom or another autistic 'limitation'.