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Top iPhone apps gone free

for March 22nd
Prices were last updated 21 minutes ago


If you are looking for some exciting apps, then check out our list of the best iPhone apps that have just gone free for a very limited time only. These apps were free at time of publication. However, please check their official iTunes page to verify price.


He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe™

Price: Was $0.99

Download this app, if only for the fact that the whole game completely erases the whole self-seriousness schtick from the ‘80s cartoons!


Call of Mini: Brawlers

 Price: $0.99

While it’s kinda obvious that the developers were hoping that some people will misread the name of this app for another "Call of" game, this app has some surprising juice behind it!




Reckless Getaway

Price: Was $0.99

What if GTA was just one whole crime spree? This app would be the eventual result!




Sand Slides

 Price: Was $1.99

Just what’s the point behind its gameplay anyway? Well, who cares when it’s this much fun!




Swift Stitch

Price: Was $0.99

Too bad the ‘70s are now over, this app could have been the game we would be playing on the 2600 instead of that abstract awfulness that was the Indiana Jones games!




Coloring Animal Zoo Touch To Color Activity Coloring Book

 Price: Was $1.99

A fun, animal-filled coloring that your kids will love. 





Ringtone Maker & Designer Pro

Price: Was $0.99

Convert any song saved on your iPhone into a 30-second ringtone! Yep, it’s DEFINITELY useful!





 Price: Was $0.99

You can never have enough mosaic photo effects for your photos. 





Vegetable Me

 Price: Was $0.99

You really need a good reason to download this app? Well, at least you can see what it’s like to have your face be transposed into fresh cabbage!




Video 2 Photo - extract still pictures from movies

 Price: Was $1.99

It’s basically a screen cap app—only you get high-quality photo images in return! 




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