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Word Roundup Stampede - a Word Search with a Western theme

30 Nov 2016 Developer News
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Word Roundup Stampede is a Wild West twist on the classic word puzzle game format. The uber-talented David Hoyt, the world’s most syndicated word puzzle creator, has released a Western-tinged game that is sure to launch a thousand addicts...or more!

Building on the standard design for a puzzle game - rows of 7s making 49 squares - the player has to lasso certain letters into words to complete the level. It has fantastic music, a notable exception to its peers, and it keeps you chugging along, whipping As and Zs into the square on screen. Connect all of the squares, you'll be rewarded by coins that unlock more puzzles.

For any fans of Westerns and word puzzle apps, look no further. Available on iOS, Android and Amazon.

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