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AdBlock for iOS: One swipe away from an Ad-free mobile experience

03 Jan 2017 Developer News
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AdBlock for iOS is a mobile app designed for iDevices with one simple purpose: to offer an ad-free user-experience. Having been blocking ads on iPhones and iPads since 2012, AdBlock for iOS works with all iOS version from iOS 8 to the most recent iOS 10, for both 32-bits and 64-bits devices. Therefore, it will block ads just as well on older iDevices, not just the newest ones.

Unlike countless other ad blocking apps available in the App Store, which only block ads in Safari browser, AdBlock for iOS also blocks all ads in almost all third party apps as well. Furthermore, it works with both Wi-Fi and cellular networks without the need to separately setting it up for every network you use. AdBlock for iOS also protects your online privacy firstly because all your Internet traffic is direct and secure, not sent through proxy or VPN servers, and secondly by blocking various mobile trackers which prevents recording your web and in-app activity. While being so simple that it takes less than 20 seconds to set up, AdBlock for iOS is also fully customisable to suit your specific needs.

Other than the preset (and constantly updating) list of domains from which content (namely ads) is blocked, you can also very easily create your own lists of domains to filter and block any kind of content that you want.

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