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Great Sports Apps for iOS

12 Sep 2017 Developer News
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As a sports lover, I always love taking Valkyrie oral steroids for my fitness. Believe me, it’s a great feeling to be a sportsperson. My happiness of being a sportsperson saw a boost when I got my iPhone. Some people who are born in a sports family like me would naturally become a diehard fan of the local sports team by nature. This love for sports was with me from the childhood and it continued through my adulthood. As soon as I got my iPhone, I went into look for the sports apps for iOS. From my own research, I found the following great sports apps, which I think will be loved by you as well. Continue reading to know them here…


This is a US-based international sports network that is being watched, as well as heard by people all over the globe. There are lots of fans for this particular sports channel and I am one of them. I was very happy when I see that this channel can be accessed in my smartphone itself. With the ESPN app, I got an instant access to all the latest news, as well as live scores from almost all the major sports leagues that are happening around the world. My favorite league is the “NBA” and I felt very happy when I was able to watch the matches live from office. Of all the features of the app, I loved the live streaming feature so much.

CBS Sports:

This is another sports app that is rolling out in the iPhones with a set of interesting features. While I was able to watch live streams in ESPN app, this app became my favorite because it gives me the stats, important news, as well as flocks of tweets regarding my favorite teams. Being a diehard fan of my local football team, I always love tweeting and re-tweeting on them. But wait, this is not the app for football lovers alone. Almost all the major sports are covered by the CBS sports app and my friends say that the live sporting events are useful for them. Above all, this app would allow the users to customize the feed according to their own wish.

Fox Sports Mobile:

As opposed to the above-mentioned apps, this was found to be at the other end of the spectrum. There are lots of features like ratings, versatility, and customizing ability, which I loved the most in this app. All I need to say is that this app is quite different from other sports apps in several ways. You will experience this by yourself when you download and start using it. What I liked the most is the in-depth customization thereby, making sure that I only get the feed that I really want to see. Also, the alert-setting ability and the alerts such as “Key Plays” guarantee me that I don’t miss the memorable moments of my favorite sports teams. And yes, I loved the enormous scoreboards with an abundance of information regarding my favorite games.

Yes, physical activities and to be physically fit is important. But, what more pleases us is the ability to watch our favorite sportsmen play and wine on the grounds. Download these apps and access such games on-the-go.

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