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The iPhone 5 Release Facing A Potential Delay

26 Jul 2012 News
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It appears that Apple is staring down the barrel of a delayed release for their iPhone 5 later this year. According to a recent report by the International Business Times, sources in China are claiming that there's a shortage of chips, which are used in the new iPhones. These chips are highly specialized and only a handful of companies can actually manufacture them. The severity of this shortage is still unknown as the situation is clouded with rumors and speculations. However, Qualcomm has publicly acknowledged that they are getting this chip situation under control. This is probably the worst news that Apple could hear right now, especially after their earnings report  disappointed Wall Street on Tuesday. In fact, Apple's stock tumbled 4% over the last 48 hours since the releasing of their financials. Additionally, Apple and the financial experts acknowledged the amount of pressure that Apple is under for the release of their iPhone 5. If there is a delay, it could have a negative financial impact on the company. Some sources are speculating that Apple will still go through with the release in October, but that there will be a limit on how many iPhones they can sell at first. This would hopefully give the company more time to overcome the apparent chip shortage.
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