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Hulu Plus Debut On Apple TV

01 Aug 2012 News
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Apple has just added support for the Hulu Plus service to the Apple TV, allowing users to watch various TV shows and movies on their Apple TV, provided they pay for the Hulu Plus service. If you aren't already a Hulu Plus subscriber, you can get a one-week trial of the service, as long as you sign up via your iTunes account (probably to prevent repeat trial users), much like you can with Netflix. According to, many people who have used the app find it to be similar to Netflix and other video services of that nature, allowing you access to popular items and items that are recommended to them. The service still keeps in the ads, much like on the desktop and mobile offerings of Hulu Plus. As with any video watching app, you can pause, play, and jump around the video as you please, even across platforms. Some of the content available on the web version of Hulu is not yet available on the Apple TV, maybe to prevent it taking over on-demand cable rentals that are more profitable for the movie industry. TV shows are also delayed, some by 30 days, to prevent people moving away from their¬†pricey¬†cable and satellite subscriptions.  
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