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Amazon Releases Its Instant Video App On iPad

02 Aug 2012 News
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After a long wait, iPad users get access to the range on instant video Amazon offers to prime subscribers. The app is just over a day old, so don't expect perfection just yet - one issue that was found by The Verge was that any purchases would have to be made on the site, as the app itself wouldn't allow you to purchase content. It's also not compatible with AppleTV and AirPlay is restricted to just sound at the moment, meaning you'll have to watch the content on your iPad, albeit with a proper TV sound system. According to, many felt that this app was long overdue, given that the Kindle Fire, an android device released back in November 2011 had this from the start, so an iOS app should follow. Some felt that the delay was also from Apple's end, to keep apps like this away from the device, so that customers would purchase their media content through iTunes instead. This is akin to when Spotify was released on iOS - many felt that it would be kept out in order to keep iTunes sales up. If you want to download the app, it's available on the App Store, here.  
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