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iPhone 5 Screens Shipping In August

04 Aug 2012 News
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Previously, we reported that on the 12th of September, we might see the iPhone 5 announced. Given some new information, it seems ever more likely. Sharp, a Japanese electronics company that specializes in displays for consumer electronics, is going to start shipping the iPhone 5 screens this month according to Takashi Okuda, the company's president. According to, this information also hints at a screen change, else Okuda wouldn't specify that it was for the new iPhone.  Many expect that we'll see the device go to a 4" display (currently, iPhone's have a 3.5" display) to make it in-line with the current generation of the flagship Android smartphones, which all sport larger screens. Back on Monday, iMore suggested we'll see two products being announced on the 12th of September: the iPad mini and the iPhone 5. We'd then see the iPhone 5 go on sale nine days later, on the 21st of September. Many are suspecting that Apple will release a smaller iPad to compete with the growing 7" tablet market. Google and Amazon both sell their own 7" tablets based on Android and have both been extremely well-received. The iPad mini would probably have a 7.85" screen according to DigiTimes, who reported that back in March, Apple was receiving samples of a 7.85" tablet for verification.  
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