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Apple Gets Design Expert To Call Samsung A Copycat

06 Aug 2012 News
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In the on-going major legal case between Apple and Samsung, Apple has sought the assistance of designers to help prove that Samsung has been copying Apple's design techniques. Apple also turned to a non-company designer for the case to try and develop credibility. Peter Bressler, who was once president of the Industrial Designers Society and was the founder of Bresslergroup, a product design firm, has been called upon as a witness in the case. According to, Bressler stated that in his opinion, "there are a number of Samsung phones and two Samsung tablets that are substantially the same as the design in those (Apple) patents." He believes that this was significant enough to cause confusion when customers go to buy an Apple product, and confuse a Samsung product with an Apple product. He also used just shy of a dozen examples, including the hugely successful Samsung Galaxy S and its successor, the S2 (which he believes are of similar design to the iPhone) and the various Galaxy tablets Samsung has released and how they are similar to the iPad. He also feels that because he is an industrial designer, he is more qualified to talk on the subject than a regular consumer. He states that "industrial designers are trained to pay attention to a lot of the little details that work together to form the overall impression that the usual consumer would view, so (consumers) may see those details, but they tend to be somewhat subconscious to the overall view." Samsung wasn't happy to take this - attorneys asked Bressler if he knew how customers shopped, citing a Samsung study on Best Buy shoppers that proved that customers don't go to buy an iPhone then accidentally end up buying a Samsung Galaxy S II.  
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