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Google Challenges Apple In Voice Recognition Software

09 Aug 2012 News
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Many expect that the next move for smartphones will be improved voice recognition that'll allow us to text, call, play music, and set appointments up without using our hands. Apple was the first major player in the arena, with Siri. Before that, Android had a basic voice search but it was never great. Since then, Google has launched Google Now with its latest version of Android (Jelly Bean) which works much like Siri, and most of the time it understands, arguably more so than Siri. According to, Google has now announced that it'll add voice search into its applications on iOS. This is essentially Google attacking Apple on its own soil - what if iOS users start to notice that the Google voice recognition is better than Siri  - will they start to move to Android? If voice recognition does become a crucial part of a smartphone operating system, it's not hard to imagine. Google's voice recognition system works far better than Siri, for instance, if Google's system doesn't know what you want, it'll simply return a Google search for it, which likely will answer my question just as well. Siri doesn't give search results, it just states it doesn't know what your asking for.  
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