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Insider: Google Helping Samsung In Apple VS Samsung Legal Case

11 Aug 2012 News
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In the ongoing patent battle between the two phone manufacturers, Samsung and Apple, Google's been giving undercover support to Samsung. Google hasn't been outspoken on the legal case, though, despite the obvious benefits if it did help Samsung win. But Google has been giving support in finding prior evidence, giving advice and legal strategies. The Am Law Daily has highlighted some connections made last year, in March 2011 between Quinn Emanuel (a legal firm) and Android OEMs, as they company had represented HTC and Motorola. The Am Law Daily staff believe that Google was giving legal services to HTC and Motorola. Given that Google may have helped HTC and Motorola, it wouldn't be surprising if the company was also footing some of the legal bill for Samsung. Google hasn't commented. Not everyone believes this; according to, some insiders state the Google isn't bothered what happens in the Apple vs Samsung trial. The case mostly surrounds design features of Samsung devices, not the Android OS, so if Samsung were found to have infringed patents, it wouldn't affect the Android OS or any other Android manufacturer. At the moment, Apple is using Samsung evidence against the company, showing a 132 page side-by-side comparison between the Galaxy S and iPhone. The report goes into detail about tiny details in iOS and how they weren't copied in TouchWiz.  
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