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8 Top Apps That Will Help You Get Through Your College Years

23 May 2022 News
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What is the hardest thing about being in college? Some might say it is a huge scope of homework and academic papers. Others might say that getting their schedules organized or preparing for important tests is the hardest part. And sometimes, not being able to wake up on time actually makes college life so challenging.

All these challenges are real and might be hard to overcome. But the good news is that there is always some app to solve any problem. In this article, we’ve gathered the top eight such apps that students must have to get through their college years with ease.

8 Top Apps That Will Help You Get Through Your College Years.


The first must-have app on our list is WritePaper. It is a trusted service that provides students with professional academic help. The reason we have it on our list is that a paper writing service like is basically all a student needs to succeed in college. It helps reduce the academic load and relieve college-related stress. At the same time, it allows students to receive high grades with almost no effort.

If you get this app, you can relax knowing that there is someone who’s got your back when you face any issues in college. Whether you need to write an essay, research paper, dissertation, or handle any other type of homework but have no time or resource for it, WritePaper will take care of it for you. Thanks to their writers’ high level of professionalism and qualification, you will achieve success with ease!


Grammarly is another must-have app for students who struggle with academic writing and want to improve. Everyone who’s been in college knows that academic writing makes up a huge part of the overall curriculum. It is the type of assignment that takes plenty of time and often causes lots of stress. So, there is no wonder why so many students hate it. But Grammarly makes everything so much simpler.

This tool can be used on any device, either from the browser or as a downloadable application. It is the ultimate writing assistant that will help you create flawless papers and edit them without a hassle. Grammarly will analyze your works and suggest corrections in grammar, spelling, style, and other aspects to make your paper worth the highest grade.


The next tool on our list has nothing to do with academic writing in particular, but it’s something every student needs to survive through college. In a nutshell, Trello is a smart project manager widely used by professionals and teams that want to stay on top of their everyday tasks. Yet, anyone who has tried using it in college will agree that it becomes simply irreplaceable.

With Trello, students can become their most productive selves with ease. The tool allows you to create personal boards and keep track of all your tasks and chores. What’s more, it can take your collaboration to the next level by letting you create collaborative to-do lists for your group projects or study groups. All in all, Trello provides you with a simple solution to schedule, manage, and complete your tasks.

My Study Life

My Study Life is another application for productivity and organization. However, compared to Trello, which is the best for organizing and managing your projects and assignments, My Study Life is perfect for organizing your entire college life. The app allows you to build your class schedule, create to-do lists, and even add notes on everything that matters, including exam dates, deadlines, etc.

Compared to other applications designed for students, My Study Life is believed to offer the most functionality and flexibility. With it, you can manage your time in the most efficient way. Thus, it can help you not just survive through college but actually succeed. So, if you want a winning study hack, be sure to download this app right now to ensure academic success!


There is no secret that students have to run dozens of personal, at-home study sessions to do their homework, prepare for exams, study new material, etc. Needless to say, making such sessions productive can be a real challenge. After all, at home, there are always plenty of things that get you distracted. But Forest is an app that changes this.

Forest is a timer created based on a widely known Pomodoro method. It is designed to help students split their study sessions into shorter, more productive parts. Also, the application lets you block all kinds of distractions. You can get more organized and focused during your study sessions and, thus, achieve better academic results.


Preparing for various tests and exams might be one of the hardest parts of being a college student. The problem is that preparing for any exam requires memorizing lots of different information. But Quizlet makes it simple.

Quizlet is one of the best-rated apps with flashcards. It allows you to study various disciplines and topics using ready-made flashcard packs or create your own. Also, the application allows you to set goals (let’s say, study a certain topic before the exam date) and track your progress as you go towards that goal. And there are many other great features too!


We know that not all of you might be studying math in college. However, for those who do, RealCalc is an absolute must-have app. In a nutshell, RealCalc is a powerful, feature-rich scientific calculator. It makes solving even the most complicated math problems quick and seamless.

RealCalc supports all types of algebraic operations. It also comes with some helpful customization options. But, most importantly, the application lets you restore your past calculations to access them later.


Lastly, let’s not forget about one of the biggest all-time struggles facing students in college - waking up on time. It shouldn’t surprise you if we say that surviving through college is simply impossible if you can’t wake up on time and be on time for your classes, lectures, and tests. So, the last app you need is Alarmy.

As you can guess, Alarmy is an alarm clock app. However, it is much more than a regular alarm clock on your smartphone. This one requires you to perform certain actions to turn it off. For example, you might have to scan a code or take a picture of a certain place that you register in the app. Trust us, with Alarmy, you will definitely start waking up on time.

The Bottom Line

Although being a college student is never easy, being one in the 21st century definitely gives you certain advantages. These days, students have access to a huge variety of gadgets, tools, and apps that were meant to make their college lives simple and less stressful. So, all you need to survive through college is to find such tools and leverage them to your benefit.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find some good applications to download to your smartphone or another device right now. Each of them has been tested with time and proven to be effective. So, don’t hesitate to use these apps to get on the right track to academic success!

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