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Will HP Enter Tablet Market Again?

16 Aug 2012 News
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HP is pretty confident at the moment - the company believes that it can become the market leader in the enterprise tablet market, knocking Apple off the top. HP is the company that released the TouchPad in 2011, which was later sold for $100 in closeout sales after little success in the tablet market. HP will start talking more about their new, enterprise tablet soon according to John Solomon, the senior vice president of Americas sales for HP. He told CRN "We will be very focused on the commercial tablet opportunity, which is completely under-penetrated." The tablet will be running Windows RT, the new tablet operating system that is expected to debut with the Microsoft Surface (which will likely be released at the end of this year). HP won't be the only third-party making Windows RT Tablets - ASUS, Dell, and Samsung have all announced they'll work with the platform. It's likely the tablet will include a proper keyboard, from the comments Solomon made - he believes that the keyboard on the Microsoft surface would be fine for casual usage but if you need to do a lot of writing on a tablet, that keyboard is underwhelming, and professional content creators will need something better. Will HP be successful this time? Maybe with their new market, they'll do well.  
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