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Talks Go Nowhere Between Apple And Samsung

19 Aug 2012 News
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The case between Apple and Samsung has captured the tech world and the consumer market as many experts and customers are curious as to how the case will pan out. Unfortunately, after a judge ordered the two companies to talk things over, the two global powerhouses were unable to make any progress and are still at odds. Both companies claim that the other owes anywhere from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars for infringing on the other's exclusive patents and products. Samsung is claiming that Apple owes between $200 and $400 million for infringing on various patents. Additionally, they claim that Apple owes a minimum of $22 million in royalties. Apple claims that Samsung owes at least $2.5 billion dollars in damages for infringing on their patents including copying the iPhone and iPad designs. However, Samsung's expert witness declared that Apple is way off with their estimates and that the figure should be around $500 million. The case is now in the hands of the jury. It's unclear as to how long it will take for the jury to rule on this case. The easy way out would be for a jury to declare an wash between what each side owes the other. A judge could also agree to something like this and enforce future restrictions or guidelines with both companies.
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