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Apple And Samsung To Hold Last Minute Talks

20 Aug 2012 News
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Despite previous failed discussions, and a court case that's been sent to the jury, Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook will hold last minute talks with Samsung's CEO Kwon Oh Hyun in efforts to try and resolve this massive patent law suit where both sides are claiming copyright infringement, according to U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ordered the two sides to talk last week. Unfortunately, nothing positive came away from the discussions. Attorneys for both companies will provide information to the judge, should anything come from these last minute talks. Additionally, the jury is waiting for some more details before deliberation. The judge is hoping that the two sides can somehow come to an understanding or settle out of court. Most legal analysts feel that it would be a miracle for the two sides to work out these issues on their own. An argument can be made for both sides winning this case. It's clear that the outcome of this massive patent suit will have a major impact on the tech world and the future of each company.
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