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Samsung's Feisty Ad Takes Jab At iPhone 5

16 Sep 2012 News
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Even though the Korean electronics company lost the patent fight against Apple, Samsung hasn't given up. In a print ad for the Galaxy S III that will be seen in various papers today, the company compares its smartphone against the iPhone 5. According to, the ad's tagline says "It doesn't take a genius." This refers both to Apple's genius retail staff members as well as making the choice between an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung has a point, though. When you compare features and specs, the Galaxy S III's list is much longer and specs beat out the iPhone when it comes to talk time (more than three hours more), HD resolution, and RAM (the Galaxy S III has double the RAM). It also features NFC technology that will let users pay at with their mobile phone. The Galaxy S III also has Tilt to Zoom, Palm Swipe Capture, Picture in Picture, Shake to Update, Palm Touch Mute Pause, Smart Alert, and a removable battery. The ad also says the iPhone's new Lightning dock is "a totally different plug." Have a look in your local paper to see the ad today.    
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