Apples opens new store in Berlin, greeted by enthusiastic fans

news by Matt Tennison, 05 May 2013 rss subscribe

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Apple has just opened a new store in Berlin and it certainly got a lot of attention – some diehard fans were sleeping on the pavement to ensure they were some of the first people inside the store. Over the past few months, many people have speculated that Apple was losing its cult following and fan base. However, it appears that the store in Berlin certainly doesn’t suggest that.

The new store is the biggest one Apple has in Germany (they have another 10 stores there). The store also looks great – it somewhat resembles a Greek temple, is situated on the main shopping street in Berlin and the devices were all neatly presented on tables of German oak.

The first 4,500 customers at the store got limited edition T-Shirts that show the shop's name and location. Staff were waiting at the entrance whooping and cheering, much like a new product launch.

Apple is facing slight financial difficulty – their profits have fallen for the first time in several years, causing some analysts to fear for the future. They’ve also asked for $17 billion in bonds from investors to pay their shareholders. However, this is very likely to be a short term issue for the company, and they’ll probably grow further in the next few years.


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