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Take a Break! app review: guiding you to stress relief



Are you plagued by stress on a daily basis? Do you find yourself having problems concentrating, sleeping, or just turning off your mind because of stress? If so the Take a Break! app can certainly help you out by offering guided meditations meant for stress relief. You deserve a break and you deserve that calm and serene feeling you can achieve through meditation.

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Take a Break! - Meditations for Stress Relief


It's About Time

If you're ready to give yourself a break then it's time for this app. It is able to literally "melt your stress away" as the developer states. It provides you with guided meditations that can lead to deep relaxation which undoubtedly leads to stress relief. This app gives you two separate meditations you can enjoy: Work Break Relaxation (seven minutes in length) and Stress Relief Meditation (13 minutes in length). Both of these meditations are podcasts from Meditation Oasis. These meditations can be enjoyed in two ways - with or without the background nature sounds or music.

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Now you may not need guided meditations each and every time, so if that’s the case you can just listen to the music or nature sounds and still enjoy a relaxing experience. Because the meditation programs are so short, you can also easily fit them in the day whenever you feel like you need that stress relief. Keep in mind with meditation it is said that it takes practice so results may not happen right away.

Using the Guided Meditations

As the title of the app suggests these are guided meditations, which is great for people who are just starting to try meditation. You aren't left on your own to figure it out; instead, each and every step in the program is voice-guided, leading you to stress relief. Plus if you have additional questions/concerns you can always visit the Meditation Oasis website.

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The app supports background play so you will be able to enjoy the music and nature sounds even while using other apps.

I find that using the app is incredibly simple, the sound quality is crisp and clear, and the instructions are easy to follow. I also really enjoy the user interface as it’s uncluttered, refreshing-looking, and just adds to the whole stress relief. Users have nothing but good to say about this app, which I strongly agree with. The only complaint here is that people want more meditations to choose from.


Take a Break! - Meditations for Stress Relief


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Choose from two meditations
  • The ability to listen to just nature sounds or music without the voice guided meditations
  • Supports background play
  • User interface is simple, sleek, and beautiful



  • Users would love to see more meditations


Final Thoughts

I think the Take a Break! app follows through on its goal of providing users with voice-guided meditations that can help to combat stress. It’s such a lovely user interface and the meditations are very easy to follow. This one is a wonderful example of meditation instruction gone right.


Take a Break! - Meditations for Stress Relief

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