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Flipboard 300 Poses & Video Classes app review - contains more than 300 poses and breathing exercises



With 50 percent currently being discounted from the retail price, this awesome iPhone and iPad app contains a vast wealth of content to help introduce you to the world of yoga and take your mind, body, and soul to places they have never been before!

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In my opinion, if you’re going to embark upon a journey of health and fitness, whether it be a yoga app such as this or a generic fitness tracker app, I really think it’s worth investing a few dollars into ensuring you’re receiving a quality product.

I also think that investing in a great app like this is sure to keep you motivated, so that you can make sure you really get the most out of what has to offer. 300 Poses & Video Classes


Join the Inspire Community 300 Poses & Video Classes has been developed to provide you with everything you need to get into the world of yoga, including a wonderful community of fellow users with whom you can share your progress and gain inspiration from.

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Many of the users of this app are also yoga instructors who regularly post informative content and beautiful photos of themselves posing. This is great for the beginner as it enables you to see how things are really done by a professional in the field.

The social aspects of this app aren’t limited there. You can also follow your favorite users, and Like and comment on their posts to show them your support.

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Enjoy 45 Preset Programs comes with a whopping 45 programs included, with all of them categorized based on difficulty level and goals such as Flexibility, Weight Loss, and De-Stress. There are also four breathing exercises that you can use to wind down at the end of a long day and further reduce your stress levels.

In addition to the 300 or so poses offered by default, you can also add your own poses to the database, so if you can come up with a funky sequence of movements this is your chance to log it so that you can share it with your friends and family online via Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy 45 Preset Programs image 300 Poses & Video Classes


Pros and Cons


  • Interact with the friendly online community and comment on their posts
  • Follow yoga professionals and see their beautiful pose photos
  • More than 300 yoga poses to work through
  • Four soothing breathing exercises to aid relaxation and meditations
  • Enjoy 45 preset programs categorized according to difficulty level and goal type
  • Share your progress with others online via Facebook and Twitter


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words 300 Poses & Video Classes is a solid development and a fantastic addition to the Health & Fitness category of the App Store. I’d say it’s well worth keeping on your iPhone and iPad to improve your health and wellbeing for the long haul! 300 Poses & Video Classes

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