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Pocket Yoga app review: yoga instructions wherever you are-2020



With this Pocket yoga app, the more you do it, the more benefits you will enjoy. With that in mind the Pocket Yoga app for iPhone provides you with a way to enjoy, relax, and practice yoga any time and any place. There is no need to attend classes in order to enjoy the benefits, and this is exactly what this yoga app promotes. Practice it on your own schedule in your own home and start living a more relaxed lifestyle.

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With Pocket Yoga app you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Yoga app will guide you through your entire session.  Take a moment to check out our best yoga apps list for more options.

Pocket Yoga


Plenty of Options

This app gives you plenty of ways to enjoy yoga by giving you three durations, difficulty levels, and practices. This translates to a customizable and enjoyable experience for you each and every time. Because of these options there are 27 different sessions you can enjoy.

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Soothing, detailed voice and visual instruction of this yoga app iphone guides you through every pose. Expertly designed practices by experienced yoga instructors make this app one the best yoga apps.

Of course, before you get started on any of them it's always recommended that you find a quiet place where you can stretch out and use your mat while performing the moves. To motivate you further there are unlockables available. As you perform more and more sessions you can unlock a total of 10 environments to enjoy.

The moves that you will be using in this app are from the school of Gaia Flow Yoga, which is well known all around the world by yoga enthusiasts.

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During Your Session

Launch the app and set up your session so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Each pose features images so that you know the exact right position and posture to use. To help you further there are also voice instructions so you won't have any questions about the pose. These instructions even let you know when you should be exhaling and inhaling.

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It’s really a complete experience that feels very much like a yoga class that you would need to spend plenty of money on to attend.

A very cool feature is the dictionary of poses. This is ideal for beginners as it details all the different yoga poses and also highlights why the pose is beneficial.

Before beginning a pose you can preview it to see if it's one you want to do. The app will log all your sessions, which is great when you are trying to challenge yourself. If you enjoy listening to music while you practice yoga you can choose tracks from your Library.

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Pocket Yoga


Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly
  • A variety of difficulty, duration, and practice levels to give you lots of variety
  • Each pose includes images and voice instructions on positioning and posture
  • The app keeps a log of your sessions/poses so you know what you’ve done


  • You need to earn points for the unlockables
  • It would be nice to see even more poses added

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Final Thoughts

The Pocket Yoga app is a wonderful, flexible, and customizable option for those who enjoy practicing yoga. It’s easy to use, offers plenty of instruction on each pose, and is able to give you that instructor-led instruction that you would have if you were to take a class.

Pocket Yoga

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