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Amazing Hair Booth Free app review



Amazing Hair Booth Free - Insta Style,Color Booth is an app for the iPhone and iPad which like many others allows users to import a photo of themselves and try on various hair styles and colors from the comfort of their iOS device.

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This type of app often gets my attention because there is so much competition, it’s hard to find apps that stand out and offer the users something unique. I am sad to say that using Amazing Hair Booth Free was a really disappointing experience. Let me explain why.

Hair Booth - Insta Color Dye & Style Switch Change


The Good

Amazing Hair Booth Free - Insta Style,Color Booth has many of the features that you could ask for in an app such as this one. You can instantly color your hair by choosing from a wide variety of colors that can be adjusted and customized by using a sliding tab.

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The strength and translucency of the colors as well as the smoothness of the hair texture can also be altered to your preferences. Powerful zoom functions are also in place to allow for highly precise editing.

Want to color your entire mane? This app will do it for you. Alternatively, add as many color streaks as you like, be it one or one hundred; the choice is yours. Social media integration? Check. So, what’s the problem?

The Good image

The Bad

The problem lies in the execution of the app which points to a lack of attention to detail. Most of the time, when you apply a color to your hair, you will end up looking very close to a cartoon, or at least your head will. iOS technology allows us to make such photo-realistic overlays that I find this almost inexcusable, but at least even these cartoonish looks can be used in jest.

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What really is a deal-breaker for me is the advertising. It’s fairly common to have plenty of ads where free apps are concerned, but this app has pop-up pages that keep appearing every few seconds. They almost always sneak up on you, as if to conspire against you, because they will appear just as you are about to tap on something, and you’ll end up tapping on the ad.

Had the developers thought to place those ads on the screen as a bar at the top of bottom, I’d have still mentioned that as a small negative because it would take up precious editing area especially on smaller devices like the iPhone 4S, which happens to be what I’m currently using. However, the full screen ads have really put me off the app, which is a shame because despite its not-so-hi-fi nature, I would have found a way to enjoy it.

The Bad image

Hair Booth - Insta Color Dye & Style Switch Change


Pros & Cons


  • Instantly color your hair
  • Choose from a wide variety of customizable colors
  • Adjust colors using a sliding tab for optimal coloring
  • Vary the strength and translucency of the colors as well as the smoothness
  • Zoom in for precision
  • Global coloring as well as streaks can be done
  • Free and lightweight app at just 31.8 MB
  • Social media integration allows you to share your new look quickly and easily


  • Very irritating ads that keep popping up to cover the screen
  • The quality of the images is not very high, making the hair look very clearly fake

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Amazing Hair Booth Free - Insta Style,Color Booth is not the kind of app that I would recommend to anyone. Unless, of course, I used it as an example to show iPhone and iPad app developers what their product should not look like!

Hair Booth - Insta Color Dye & Style Switch Change

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Neha Sinha

Neha has been writing and editing since 2010 and has been reviewing iOS apps since early 2014. She has lived in four different countries and loves having the world at her fingertips thanks to these awesome apps.