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Hair Color app review: test out a new hair color before going to the salon 2021



This is a sleek and simple hair styles app for iPhone and iPad users to experiment with different hair colors before visiting their hairdresser. Get a hair makeover within seconds with Hair Color.

Although you can only choose from a few shades of blonde, red, and brown, the iPhone app for hairstyles has an in-app purchase that allows you to experiment with more features.

This includes 20 new hair color shades along with custom hair colors such as green, blue, violet, and gray. The premium version also has additional features such as using glasses and accessories on the photo, an instant pop-up mirror, magazine covers, and filters.

Continue reading our Hair Color app review to see why you should download this app for trying new hairstyles. 

Hair Color


Luscious Locks

I am pleasantly surprised by how well Hair Color works. When you open the app for the first time, you will see a picture of a model. You may experiment with hair colors on her, or select your own photo from your albums, or take a new one.

The next step is to use the select tool and draw an outline around the mane. After playing around with it for a while, I noticed this tool is very well-designed because it doesn't require that your outline be perfect and it still yields great results.

Then, fine-tune this hair mask by tapping the plus or minus signs and finally select the color you want to try on!

Hair Color detects when you choose a color which won't work out perfectly with the photograph you have chosen and it will prompt you when it does.

Once you've got a photograph you like, you can share it with your friends on social media or store it on your phone to show your hairdresser to help them understand the look you want.

Luscious Locks image

Word Of Caution

The only minor complaint I have is the presence of pop-up ads that cover the screen. They always seemed to appear at opportune moments when I'm about to tap to pick a color, but then I realized that those ads pop up only when I select a color with a star on it, prompting me to go for the in-app purchases.

Having had my hair colored and highlighted several times in the past, I should mention that hair color doesn't always come out the way you might think. For instance, the same color would manifest differently on dark hair than it would on blonde hair.

So, although the results on the app may look very realistic, make sure you consult with your hairdresser before selecting a color.

Word Of Caution image

Hair Color


Pros & Cons


  • Get a makeover of your mane within seconds
  • Choose from several shades of red, brown, or blonde
  • Save completed photos to your phone for reference
  • Share photos with friends via Facebook


  • Pop up ads for in-app purchases

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

I got distracted for several minutes while writing this review because I was busy fiddling around with Hair Color and pretending I was a redhead. I am sure all iPhone and iPad users would be highly entertained by trying on new looks.

Hair Color

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