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Drum Rudiments app review: a simple warm-up tool



Calling all professional drummers: we've come across an engaging and innovative warm-up tool for you in the form of a convenient mobile app. The Drum Rudiments! app can be used on your iPad and provides users with a daily warm-up through a full run-down. Users will be able to play along and listen while they get themselves prepared. There are a nice variety of customization tools here to make the experience really work for you and your specific needs as a drummer. Even if you aren’t a professional, just someone who is enjoying playing on your own, this is still a useful tool to explore.

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Drum Rudiments!


Your Full Rundown

The Drum Rudiments! app is the perfect way for drummers to go about their daily warm-up routine by following this complete rundown. As mentioned users will be able play along as they listen and there are plenty of ways to customize the experience. You can choose your rundown tempo to whatever suits your needs and level - pick from 54 bpm, 63 bpm, 74 bpm, and 80 bpm. The way it works is that the rudiment is introduced to the user so they can listen to it first and then practice it themselves. The rudiments are all played on the snare.

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The app doesn't yet have a customer rating or updates. It should be noted that you won't need hardware or media in order to use the app. You won't need the Internet with this app and all features are unlocked with the download.

A go-to warm up tool for musicians
A go-to warm up tool for musicians

A Rundown of the Features

The Drum Rudiments! app offers users all kinds of user-friendly tools and features meant to make the experience that much more engaging and useful. Take advantage of the practice mode and the demo track mode, there is an easy-to-use integrated tuner, follow the beats with the cursor, and the app features auto-scrolling of the sheet music. You've got a few different metronomes to choose from, you can make use of the count-in, and you can customize how you want to open and direct the pace of tracks when you're in practice mode.

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The app feels well-thought-out with additional tools such as the bookmark, a scroll bar that allows for fast and smooth browsing, and even Wikipedia links to give you extra details whenever needed. If you're a student you can record and then share the sound and video files with your instructor.

Navigate the app with ease
Navigate the app with ease

Drum Rudiments!


Pros and Cons


  • The app is customizable and filled with a variety of tools
  • The app can be used by professionals, students, and those who have a love of music
  • Sound and video files can be shared by email
  • The app offers two different modes of use


  • This one is only available on the iPad
  • There haven’t been any updates since the app was released almost one year ago

Auto-scrolling sheet music
Auto-scrolling sheet music

Final Words

The Drum Rudiments! app for your iPad can help you warm-up when it comes to drumming through its variety of customizable tools packaged in a user-friendly offering.

Drum Rudiments!

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