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Trimble Outdoors Navigator app review: the revolutionary navigation app for your outdoor adventures



Trimble Outdoors Navigator is an iOS navigation app with advanced mapping capabilities and GPS. It is specially designed for backcountry hikers, explorers, bikers, paddlers, adventure travelers, and anyone who needs a reliable navigation tool that works offline.

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The app does not rely on cellular data and WiFi because it uses your device’s built-in GPS chip for location tracking. It gives you access to more 68,000 topographic maps of the United States and Canada. Developed by Trimble Navigation Limited, this app is compatible with your iPhone and iPad. 

Trimble Outdoors Navigator


How to Use Trimble Outdoors Navigator

One of the first things that you need to consider when buying a navigation app is its ability to work offline. This is important because in the backwoods, you might find yourself in a place with no cellular signal and Internet access. If your app is dependent on these signals, then you’re in for big trouble.

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Outdoors Navigator is a powerful app because it allows you to download any type of map in your device when you have Internet access. You can also get different map packages from its in-app store. Downloaded maps are saved in the app and accessible offline.

So when you’re on a remote trail, just fire up the app and load the map that you will use for your adventure. Through GPS, Outdoors Navigator tracks your current location and gives you exact coordinates. As you go along the trail, you can mark your routes with waypoints and geo-tag locations with photos, audio, and videos.

The app automatically establishes waypoint tracking so you can find your way in and out of any trail without trouble. To view forest trails and public lands, simply activate the layers tool of the app to find the most obscure paths that are not reflected in commercially available USGS maps.

Best Features of Trimble Outdoors Navigator

Outdoors Navigator offers more than 68,000 offline maps of different places in the U.S. and Canada. There are five different map types available in the app: street maps, hybrid, aerial, topographic maps, and terrain maps. They can be saved in the app and you can use them offline.

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This app offers an impressive set of navigation tools. It has a digital compass with true north and magnetic north. The compass uses your device’s GPS and displays distances, bearing, and position.

Another powerful navigation tool of the app is waypoint tracking. You can mark waypoints along your routes such as important turns, summits, campsites, and trails. You can add custom names and descriptions for each waypoint.

Outdoors Navigator allows you to make a chronicle of your adventures. You can geo-tag pictures and videos, capture sounds and audio along the trails, and share your trip on Facebook and YouTube.

Trimble Outdoors Navigator


Pros and Cons


  • Offers more than 68,000 offline maps
  • Five different map types
  • Layering option to view forest roads and public lands
  • Offers powerful navigation tools including waypoints, compass, trail tracking, and guided trips
  • With social sharing tools
  • Supports multi-device sync


  • Gets more expensive as you add more features

Final Thoughts

If you need a reliable navigation app, the Trimble Outdoors Navigator is perfect for you. This app is packed with advanced features and you can use it offline. 

Trimble Outdoors Navigator

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