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The best email apps for iPhone

11 Sep 2015 App Lists
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If you still rely on email to communicate with friends and family, then check out our list of the best email apps for your iPhone. 

iPhone / iPad
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Are you the type whose emails build up by the hour, making it hard to go through them? The Triage: Email First Aid app has been created for exactly this type of person. It should be made clear this one isn't meant to be your next desktop mail application, instead it is about helping you to clear your inbox easier, faster, and in a stress-free manner. How many times have you looked at the number of emails in your inbox only to feel as though you'll never get through them all? With this app you'll be able to flick messages to move them around, keep them, delete them, view them, reply to them, and more.

  • The app supports a number of major email services
  • This one doesn’t replace your email service
  • The app gives users a quick and easy way to go through their inbox

There are different types of email users out there and some rely on folders to keep their inbox organized. If that sounds like you then the eMailGanizer Pro app could be what you're looking for. It offers predictive, intelligent, filing of your emails for you. It will literally sort your emails in mere seconds through just two taps on your part, and you can also shake to undo a filing action. The app supports a number of email services and apps and offers a full-text email search tool, you can move emails between your various accounts, and plenty more.

  • Sort your emails quickly and easily
  • Move emails between various accounts
  • Shake your device to undo a filing action
  • The app offers a full-text email search tool
  • The app supports a variety of email services and apps

iPhone / iPad

There are plenty of times that you need to send out an email to a group of people and without the right tools this can be a rather annoying experience. The MailShot Pro app makes it possible to email to an entire group with ease so that you know the process will be quick. It uses your contacts from all your iOS devices and groups can contain over 100 contacts based on your email provider. Think how handy this is when emailing a team, family members, your reading group, and more. You can send the email as well as attachments such as photos and documents.

  • The app is user-friendly and fast to figure out
  • Email groups of 100 or more people
  • Add attachments to the email
  • You can make your own groups
  • The app uses contacts from all your iOS devices

Creating emails has never been easier thanks to the Voice Dictation app. This one makes it possible to dictate your emails and text messages giving you a hands-free option. According to the developer, it also means you can create your messages up to five times faster. This one will correct your grammar for you, it uses intelligent speech recognition which actually gets better each time you use the app, and it can also be used to post on social media. Once you start using this app you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it and won’t want to go back to typing out messages again.

  • Dictate your emails and text messages
  • The app gets better over time thanks to the intelligent speech recognition
  • It corrects your grammar for you
  • The app is user-friendly
  • Create your messages up to five times faster

iPhone / iPad
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If you're looking for a reliable and full-feature email provider look no further than the Gmail app. This app provides you with mobile access to your Gmail inbox and provides you with real-time notifications. With the app you'll be able to move through up to five different accounts, enjoy threaded conversations complete with profile pictures, make use of the inbox search tool, view your Google contacts and calendar through the app, receive and send out attachments, respond to Google Calendar invites, and so much more. This one is sleek and modern enough that it can even be used for a business email provider.

  • Access your emails while on the go
  • The app offers real-time notifications
  • Search your inbox
  • View and respond to Google Calendar invites
  • View Google contacts
  • Receive and sent attachments
  • The app is loaded with user-friendly features

For those that use Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail as their email provider the myMail app can act as a handy way to manager all your messages in one central location. The app also supports AOL email, iCloud, MSN, and Outlook. Instead of spending time switching from one provider to the next, wouldn't it be nice to get it all in one simple location? The app offers push notifications, you can create emails from within it, there is a Touch ID support and a PIN lock, you can use filters, and perform a search. Making it even more versatile the app also supports the Apple Watch.

  • The app works with a number of popular email providers
  • The app supports the Apple Watch
  • Make use of Touch ID and a PIN lock
  • There are push notifications
  • Perform a search and use the filters to find what you want

iPhone / iPad
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The CloudMagic Email app is a multi-functional app that works with some of the biggest accounts out there such as Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Office 356 and other IMAP accounts. Users can make use of the app on all their mobile devices including the Apple Watch. The goal of the app is to make you more productive when it comes to emailing, and with that in mind all kinds of tools have been built in. These include such things as instant push notifications, if you lose your device your data can be erased remotely, there are interactive notifications, sync your preferences and account across your devices, use one central inbox, and so much more.

  • The app supports a large variety of IMAP accounts
  • Get interactive and push notifications
  • Sync your preferences and account across your devices
  • Use one central inbox

iPhone / iPad
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Sometimes you just want to go with the tried and true methods of emailing such as the Yahoo Mail app offers. Through this app not only will you be able to have full email access but you can also view weather details, news, entertainment headlines, sports news, and more. It’s more of a social experience than just an email provider. You are given 1,000GB worth of free storage, so you've likely got more than enough space for your emails. Additional features include being able to search through your files, messages, and contacts, you can manage your emails using swipe gestures, sort your messages into folders, and plenty more.

  • Enjoy up to 1,000GB of free storage
  • Manage emails with ease
  • Create folders to place messages into
  • Access news, sports scores, weather details, and more through the app

iPhone / iPad

Good news, the Inbox by Gmail app is now open to everyone and there is no need to wait for an invitation to join. This app was created so that your email inbox no longer has to be a source of stress and a bone of contention as you look at the sheer volume of mess. It's all about streamlining the entire email process and experience. Features include being able to bundle messages together that are about the same topic, you can view the highlight of a message without having to actually open it, you can search through the inbox, snooze a reminder or email, set up reminders, and more. Of course this one works with the Gmail email provider.

  • Works with Gmail
  • Streamlines the entire emailing and email managing experience
  • View highlights of the message without opening it
  • Bundle similar messages together
  • Set up reminders
  • Snooze reminders and emails

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