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The best email apps for iPhone

04 Apr 2015 App Lists
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If you still rely on email to communicate with friends and family, then check out our list of the best email apps for your iPhone. 


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iPhone / iPad
1 review
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An easy way to stay organized and manage your emails. Your new messages appear as soon as you start the app. Quickly browse through, respond, organize or delete. Supports all major accounts like Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud and more. 

  • Creatively shows your messages as a deck of cards
  • Every gesture corresponds to an action for your email
  • Supports third-party email services
  • Can specify where you want messages to be saved

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iPhone / iPad
1 review

This app is an email organizer that allows you to manage email accounts from different hosts like: Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Outlook. You can also integrate it with your calendar and task manager for a more efficient system. Crate different folders and save emails quickly and easily. Password protect, sync, and universal inbox are just some of the great features.

  • File read emails in one touch
  • Save emails by batches
  • Shaking un-does previous action
  • Integrate emails with iPhone calendar as “Events”
  • Compatible with Outlook, Hotmail, and Exchange

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iPhone / iPad
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This app allows you to send group emails to a large group of recipients. Perfect for if you want to send a message to friends and family, to your customers, or to your subscribers. Create numerous different groups and over 100 contacts per group. There's a free version to try as well.

  • Send emails from any app you use
  • “MailShot” function creates special categories for your email contacts
  • Share group contacts with iCloud
  • Upload attachment from third-party apps
  • Integrates with Siri to send group messages

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iPhone / iPad
1 review

This basically functions as a go-to app for attaching your home videos without having to sacrifice any of its length or quality! It even has a built-in video converter, which will allow your files to be opened on any smartphone or desktop there is in the world!

  • In-app video converter
  • Handles up to 10 minutes of video file
  • Attaches video files without any “trimming”
  • Convert 30 seconds of video to HD
  • Also attaches dozens of photos in one email file

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A fast and convenient way to send emails to your contacts. In addition to sending emails, you can also use this app to add text to FaceBook, Twitter, notepads and much more. Just talk and watch the app do the rest.

  • Saves time on typing short replies
  • Patented speech-recognition function
  • Corrects wrong grammar
  • Can link with most social media accounts
  • Allows copy-pasting of finished text

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You can now organize your emails and contacts in just one finger swipe… literally!

  • Takes the best functions of social media messaging
  • Organizes all your contacts into its appropriate groupings
  • Sends automatic post or tweet with one touch
  • Makes backup of contacts
  • In-app voice recorder

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iPhone / iPad
3 reviews
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This is the official Gmail app for both the iPhone and iPad. It has a slick new design and supports up to 5 Gmail accounts. Perfect for those who have multiple emails. Very comprehensive list of features like: threaded conversations, notifications, locked screen options, profile pictures, calendar invites, auto-complete and more. It's arguably the top email app in all of iTunes.

  • Real-time notification reminders
  • Easy searching across inbox
  • Look screen options
  • Chat in real-time
  • Automatically creates you with a Google+ account

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Make this app your go-to app for all of your email accounts. Many great features that will enhance your emailing experience. 

  • Quick and secure emailing functions
  • Ideal for mobile devices
  • Instant push notifications
  • Links with third-party email platforms
  • Easy navigation 

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If the previous options aren't suitable for you, then check out this app. A great interface, innovative and easy to use. 

  • Very innovative
  • Quick reply functions
  • Swipe-to-delete interface
  • Also supports Gmail
  • Intuitive dashboard

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iPhone / iPad

Start adding a little "gusto" to your emails today. Several great features that you could want and need when emailing. 

  • Attach any kind of files
  • Lists multiple email accounts
  • Full viewing options
  • Links with iCloud
  • Intuitive interface

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iPhone / iPad
2 reviews
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Take your emailing to the "cloud" with this app. Using this app will be a "magical" experience when emailing. 

  • Very quick functions
  • Recognizes all kinds of email account
  • Unifies all inbox accounts
  • Set daily reminders
  • 24/7 support

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iPhone / iPad
2 reviews
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A fast and fun way to check or send email. Great for both personal and professional needs. 

  • For Gmail and iCloud
  • Easy to swipe emails to trash or archives
  • Auto-swipe which learns from past swipes 
  • Mute conversations or snooze until later
  • Advanced UI and smart features

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